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05-08 SEPTEMBER 2019



The International Zen Therapy Institute (ITZI) is a community and a platform: a voice for individuals and groups offering many kinds of healing and therapy within a Buddhist and Buddhist psychology framework. Buddhist psychology transcends boundaries and is a richly creative field...

Buddhism and therapy are both centrally concerned with the problem of suffering and the challenges involved in arriving at a liberation of mind and an awakening to new possibilities. In addressing this theme we can share many perspectives, methods and theories that seek to bring together the insights of Buddhism with the anxieties, tragedies and opportunities of modern life. Following upon the first two successful conferences, this meeting will be a time for learning, sharing, reflection and building connections.

The last conference included many moving moments as well as deeply informative presentations. The balance between serious engagement and informal discussion in this style of meeting provides a rich compost for new growth, connection and stimulation. Don't miss it.



The International Zen Therapy Institute (ITZI) is a collaboration of people leading the way in the research, teaching and practice of Buddhist approaches to psychology and psychotherapy. It is a network of creative individuals, groups, teachers and centres of diverse specialisms and schools, with a shared interest in fostering the practice and application of Buddhist psychology.



ITZI is engaged in developing networks and fostering creative collaborations between practitioners in the fields of Buddhism and therapy. We also host distance learning courses via an online web platform - Amida Academy - organise a bi-annual conference, and facilitate the teaching of Buddhist psychology and Zen Therapy, through online teaching programmes, attendance courses and workshops.



In these uncertain times ITZI offers a forum for people committed to compassionate action and deeper understanding, who are attempting to embody the ideas of the Buddha and Buddhist psychology, thereby to develop a range of different ways to engage socially, culturally, educationally and therapeutically for the common good.

The Third International Zen Therapy Conference, A conference upon the psychology of suffering and awakening

No pearl without grit
5-8 September 2019 – The Netherlands

The oyster making a pearl to deal with irritating grit is an image that reflects the Buddha’s teaching on dukkha and transformation that lies at the root of Buddhist psychology and is a suitable motif for the task of therapy in our troubled world.

Buddhist practice seeks to transform adverse circumstances into the path of enlightenment. This principle has given rise to a diverse wealth of healing arts. This conference welcomes all approaches to applying this ancient wisdom in a modern context and thus stimulates creativity, understanding and compassion.

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Let's make this conference as successful as the last!



Full Conference package

This includes three nights stay, full-board, and is based on a single room with en-suite bathroom facilities, the full conference programme, evening events and publications; access to web resources. This price is based on an early bird booking which must be made before the 1st May. Full fee €500.


Conference per day

This includes one nights stay either before or following the day you wish to attend, all meals and conference programme, evening event on the day of attendance and publication. Full price €165 (after 1st May).


Conference only

Full conference programme , lunch and refreshments. Based on attending all or part of the daytime programme but with no overnight stay. Access to web resources and membership of ITZI.


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The conference is both a networking opportunity and the opening of a creative space. It is a space in which we will develop our approaches to Buddhist informed therapies and explore the possibility of fresh collaborations. It is chance to learn and to contribute to this exciting new field of research.

To register to participate go to the registration page

Follow our training in Buddhist Psychology. Details can be found by following the link to Amida Academy, ITZI’s online course website

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  • ITZI Conference
    08-10 SEPTEMBER 2017
    Friday - Sunday
  • Conference Place Address
    Old Abbey of Drongen
    Drongenplein 26-27
    9031 Drongen, Belgium
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